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When we first started raising animals, it was just for us.  We raised one steer for beef, and some pigs for 4H.  We raised them the way that we thought we should.  They had plenty of space to run and graze, lots of love from us, some grain each day, and maybe some apple pummy from our cider (smashed apples).  They were happy, and you could tell, both by looking at them, and by tasting the meat. Soon, friends started requesting that we sell it at the markets.  We started about 10 years ago, and people went crazy. 


We now have 15- 20 steers at a time. They have 19 acres that they graze on, and each morning and night we give them some grains.  This helps them add a little bit of fat, and a lot of flavor. Our Steers are not stricktly grass fed.  We also give them pumpkins, squash, apples, and various other fruits and veggies that they love, not to mention the Apple Pummy- this is a favorite.


We do not give our animals any growth hormones (we raise mainly Angus, so they grow fast enough), we only give them antibiotics if they are sick, which is rare. We believe in raising them the way that they should be raised- with good food and lots of space.


Contact us for questions on pricing or anything else!!

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