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In the beginning we made everything in our home, making it literally "homemade." We asked for help by recruiting our mothers and sisters.  Everyone adding something special to the list.  Fred's mother made all the jams and jellies, Sharon's mother made many of the muffins and breads.  Sharon and her sister created new recipies (including our Apple Cider Donuts, and our Harvest muffin) that have turned into old favorites. 


Now it's not just about what we make, it's about how we make them.  We use our own fruit for all the jams, jellies and most of our baked goods (we just can't grow bananas).  We also source many of our ingredients locally.  We use NY State Flour from Birkett Mills, eggs from Feather Ridge Farm, and butter from Hudson Valley Egg.


 Let us know if you have any questions, want ingredient lists, or just want to tell us your favorites!! Contact us here!


Gluten Free*


Sharon found out in 2000 that she had a Gluten Allergy.  This changed the way we bake.  She took her creativity to work to make muffins that count.  Often, cutomers bring them back with a fear that we have given them the wrong muffin because they taste so good!  Don't worry- They are gluten-free, and flavor-full.


*We do all of our baking in the same kitchen, so there may be trace amounts of gluten.  We do use separate bowl, mixing utensils, and pans to bake on, so there is as little contamination as possible!

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