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Who We Are

Wilklow Orchards is a family who has been farming this spot for 6 generations.  We have CSA's in the Spring, Live music in the summer,  Pick Your Own Apples in the fall, and we sell at Farmers Markets throughout the year.  We have a bakery where we make muffins, breads, and jams out of our own fruit. We use NYS Flour and regional butter and eggs to bake with.  All year long we are working to preserve what we grow, to turn it into something we make. We freeze our fruit to bake with or make Jams and Jellies, and use the pressed apples from the cider as a treat for the steers we raise. Wilklow Orchards tries to be sustainable and ecologically minded because we want this farm to last us another 6 generations.

Where to Find Us

Anytime of year, you can find us somewhere! Whether it's under 4 layers of coats handing you a hot cup of mulled Apple Cider, or in shorts surrounded by peaches, plums, and all sorts of berries. We are in NYC at a farmer's market and locals can using our self serve road stand.  We're here, you just have to know where to look!  Feel free to call us at anytime, find us on Facebook, or send us an E-mail.  We would love to hear from you and let you know where we are!

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